"It’s the survival of the fittest.”   

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It’s sad, but life is full of sudden goodbyes.
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Rest in Peace Go Eun Bi (1992-2014)
Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with he darkness of other people.
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This is why I want 2000 back jlo and PUFF dancing to real slim shady man

aw Aaliyah and her brother in the back 

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Never Comin' Back

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I gave you all of my love…all to you.

And you don’t appreciate the things that I do.

I gave you all of my time….cause you blew my mind.

I let you do me wrong, cause love had me so blind. 


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When Zico showed up for Olltii’s performance

I'm Ill (Full ver.)

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Bobby-I’m Ill (Full ver.) from Show Me the Money 3

L4L (Lookin' For Luv)

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The Cure/Let's Live (살자)

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