Doesn’t the world inside a black and white photograph seem so real? It’s because the real world is losing it’s colors.
Tablo [Epik High] (via uso-dayo)
My life is made up of ‘I’m sorry’. I feel like I have to apologize to people, to things, to life itself. It’s like, ‘I’m sorry to be here’. I don’t want to disturb anyone.
Yohji Yamamoto (via trash11)

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Soo Joo by Katja Mayer for The Sunday Times Style

Even the prettiest flower can be poisonous.
Seven Word Story by Pien Pouwels (via iwannarapeyoursoul)


attempting to hide your desperate need for breath after a short flight of stairs

Black is always elegant. It is the most complete colour in the whole world, made of all the colours in the palette.
Riccardo Tisci  (via paris—couture)

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